Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sialkot the city of Hard Workers and Cultural Differences

Sialkot the city of Hard Workers and Cultural Differences

Sialkot is a very nice city in Punjab Pakistan .Very closer to Jammu and Kashmir which Cover up by India Pakistan border From 3 side almost .Sialkot’s neighbors city are Gujranwala ,Gujrat ,Narowal , In Pakistan .And Indian City Jammu , RS Pur ,Pathan Kot are Neighbor in Indian Side . Here we can see many different kind things very closer to each others and working well in their own environment without disturbing each others

At one side we can see busy and fast city life and at 2nd side we can see rural life where every thing is going slow like time don’t wants effect on any thing .One side we can see normal Life of city with no worry and other side we can see high attention armed forces on India Pakistan border

  • We can also see many unique products and handicrafts here in Sialkot which our hard worker peoples produce and export all over the world that is identity of Sialkot city

  • That could be a amazing experience for those persons who wants   know manufacturing process of ,Sports goods  Like  Hand made Cricket ball ,Soccer ball ,Volleyball ,Wooden badminton racket ,Wooden tennis racket and many more Sports goods and sports wears

  • In Surgical Instruments  Sialkot have a long history in manufacturing quality, manicure Instruments , orthopedic Instruments , eye Instruments , dental Instruments , dressing Instruments , veterinary Instruments  and many more in surgical Instruments  manufacturing 

  • Many peoples know that Sialkot is a big name  in musical Instruments  manufacturing field in all over the world Sialkot made musical Instruments  like drum set ,orchestra set , Tabbla set ,Small To big drums ,Many kind Of Band items Chandlers ,Uniforms Pubes ,Embroidery  Logos of bands  And many more

  • One big industry in Sialkot is leather garments  and here are biggest leather garments manufacturing units from all over the world which produce quality leather garments to export all over the world

  • One part of Sialkot city is Bajwaat  That is  a aver green part of Sialkot famous in  growing many kind of quality vegetables  ,rice ,fruits  .In That Area 94 Villages  are cut off from city because of river Chanab And  river Jammu tavi  Which cover up Bajwat from  3 sides And One side of Bajwat is closed by  Pakistan India Border  There is only One bridge  On river tavi  which connect 94 Villages To Sialkot city .Bajwat is  ideal place  to those peoples who wants spend there Holydays near to nature  And in a peace Full ever green environment .Peoples from Bajwaat Are very friendly  for Guests .We can see Very  attractive view  snow mountains  of Jammu Kashmir From there And Lights of Jammu city At night

  • Marala Head Works is famous picnic point in Sialkot 2 largest canals of Asia starts from there named of upper chanab and lower chanab That Is a very beautiful place ,ideal location for fishing  ,nature photography ,

We can also visit famous place in Sialkot Historical back ground
  • Home and birth place of Alama Muhammad Iqbal in Kashmiri Muhalah Sialkot {Pakistani national poet     
  • Gurduwara baby Di Bayri {Guru Nanak from Sikh religion Spend his ending life there}

  • Well of Poorn Bhagt in Village Krool near Sialkot City   {Famous character In Historical Folk Story Qisa poran Bhagat}

  • Sialkot historical fort {Made by Founder of Sialkot City Raja Rsalu   }

Thanks All
Kashif Nazir